Why Being Local-minded is Important

So often, we eat and go on vacations outside of our own city limits/countries. Yet, we never realize how much our local economy suffer because we decide to spend money outside the community rather than inside.

For example: eating local. When we eat local, it is guaranteed that the food is much fresher and it tastes the way it is supposed to taste. Usually, produce that are used in local restaurants do not travel far; they are typically “farm-to-table.”

When travel distance is cut short, transportation costs and the reliance on non renewable resources such as oil/gasoline are reduced. Michigan State University Extension  suggests that local foods are more nutrient rich. This makes sense, because the travel time between farm and table has been shortened. Which means, produce either spend less time or no time at all in distribution centers.

When we spend locally, either by eating local or vacationing at home, we support the local economy. Most of the money that is spent locally, is recycled back into the community and businesses. Which is one of the many benefits of a sustainable economy.

Why is it that most people are not local-minded? Simply, we take local businesses for granted. We become so used to these businesses that we forget they are there for a purpose. The purpose, is to make our local communities economically stable.

Taking advantage of local establishments leads to an overall, progressive and stable communities.