Moving Forward as A Society

How do we move forward as a society when it appears that everything is falling apart? It is quite simple: be involved in our communities. If we love our communities and are involved in its upkeep, it grows in a positive direction.

Businesses are so ferociously focused on economic gain that they forget about the communities in which they are based. We have seen throughout time, how companies ignore their communities which in turn leads to chaos, degradation, distrust, etc . It is essential that businesses become leaders in their communities. They must be nvolved in the upkeep of their neighborhoods.

Inova’s Buy Fresh, Buy Local Program is a great example of social responsibility in action. Not only, is this health system helping members of the community live healthier lives, it is also keepig local businesses alive.

Companies, like Target(United Way), that practice corporate social responsibility are able to thrive in the communities their based because they make the effort to create products/services that benefit the environment, while donating time and energy to help local programs.

Sometimes we often believe that it takes moving in an upscale fashion in order to increase growth, however doing something as simple as starting a community garden, donating supplies to local schools/nurseries, are all great ways to keep our communities healthy.



-Maame Danquah


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